How To Find Free Payroll Software Downloads

With the economy the way it is these days many people are searching for free payroll software downloads. And since you are here you are probably one of them. The truth is that finding a free payroll computer program is not that hard. The hard part is finding a good one.

Thus, when on software download pages, pay special attention to ratings and reviews given for each program. Some programs may have 5-star ratings while others only get 1 or 2-stars. Obviously, you want to pick a program that has a better star rating. But, don’t just rely on these. Make sure you read the reviews too.

When reading reviews on pages where you can download free payroll software pay attention to the reason why someone did or did not like a given program. Some payroll programs are target at specific industry niches. So what might not work well for one person may work well for you. And of course since all these options are free the only thing it is going to cost you is your time.

A third thing to look at when searching for free payroll software downloads is to determine whether or not the software is freeware or just offering a free trial. There are many companies willing to let you try their software for free. However, there are far fewer that will give it away totally for free. Just make sure you know what you are getting into before settling on any one program.

A fourth thing to be certain of when downloading free payroll software is that you are using a reputable site. Popular choices include and but there are many more. The main thing to watch out for are sites that will try to infect you computer with spyware or viruses when you make your download. To help reduce this you can always visit a specific companies site and download it directly from them.

Finally, don’t be too fixated on just the free model. It is great to get something for nothing, but it might not be the best choice for you, your business or your employees. For example, most free payroll software packages don’t offer much if any customer support. So should you have a problem you might be on your own. Try explaining that to your employees who aren’t getting paid.

The other major drawback to the free software model is that it might not allow you to do everything you need. This means some of the tasks will still have to be done by hand, not really saving you that much time. Therefore, I recommend you try out a few free payroll software downloads and see what they offer. If they can everything you need great, if not you can always write off the cost of a more expensive system as a business expense.

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